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Brian Golden is a dancer, choreographer and movement director.

His differences are his strengths.

With an auditory processing disorder and dyspraxia, Brian processes movement differently – and the world differently, too. He is also a member of the LGBTQ community, and grew up in an Orthodox Jewish Family.

All these unique qualities have informed Brian’s style, which can best be described as surreal realism. Employing abstract movements and intense physicality, he offers new surprising interpretations of human experiences and stories that we’re all familiar with as a culture.

Brian’s movements deconstruct and warp reality, filtering it through his one-of-a-kind lens. Brian brings movement to films, commercials, music videos, plays operas, fashion shows and museum exhibits.

He also uses movement to create his own work that reflects and inspects the human condition and psyche – the emotions and relatable experiences we all go through: conflict, chaos, struggle, pain, joy, hope, attraction, loneliness, and fear. Brian's process is rooted in collaboration and he enjoys collaborating with many disciplines such as composers, actors, directors, costume/set designers, and screenwriters.

Employing surrealism and abstract movements to create metaphors and symbols that merge to tell a story, the work holds a mirror up to every human, so they may feel seen, acknowledged, worthy and understood… and ultimately less alone.